Thursday, July 15, 2010

today’s activities.

‘You know what’s wrong with you? You’re bored’.

You’re correct.

Material things shouldn’t make me happy but they do. New green nail-varnish and a skirt from the second-hand shop. It’s long and red and patterned. Since I cannot sew in a straight line, I’m getting Mummy Dearest to take the skirt up to knee-length or just above. Only €6. Happy out. I also tried on a lovely loose gold top thing which Mutti wouldn’t let me buy because it was too ‘flashy’. I don’t think she realises just how ostentatiously I like to dress.

I got a book from the library today. It’s called The Tiger That Isn’t. It’s about numbers and statistics. (Don’t ask.) It’s one of those books that makes complicated things like numbers and statistics easier to understand. You know, for the ordinary Joe Soap. (Or Jo Soap, in my case.) I really like books like that. (One of my favourite books is one called A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson. It’s science in laywoman’s terms. Which suits me perfectly.)

I also printed out a thousand CVs but I don’t know how successful they will be. I’m guessing ‘not very’. But we’ll see.

I went food shopping with Mutti today. I like doing that sometimes because I get to pick out things like washing-up liquid that smells like grapefruit. And green mouthwash. And green shower gel. (Green is my colour lately. I have no idea why.) I also picked out a devastatingly beautiful Black Forest Gateau cake which will completely thwart my plans to be a stick-thin superwoman. But no matter.


  1. Ná bí buartha Emma, I took am materially obsessed.

  2. these are lovely images :) where did you find them? or taken yourself? :) x

  3. gosh, no. i can't take photos, aha. i got them from (: x


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