Tuesday, July 13, 2010


People will think whatever they want to think. If they want to think that I had carnal relations down the Rape Lane, they’re simply going to think that, regardless of my insisting otherwise. It’s unfortunate that people have that opinion of me – I mean, I’m bad but I’m not that bad – but whatever.

Kissing is a funny kind of thing. I kiss a lot. I don’t know why. It doesn’t always mean something. There are different types of kisses. I don’t think kissing a lot of people makes you a slut. Maybe I’m wrong? Someone say something.

Friend kisses, kisses for the sake of kisses, lovely kisses, loving kisses. (I should stop those awful drunken kisses. It’s pretty tragic that I can’t remember most of them.) My favourite are first kisses. When you like someone and you’ve waited a forever to kiss them. Those are nice. The tension. The anticipation. The butterflies.

I am a sap. But not a slut.


  1. Kissing does not make you a slut! Unless you look at kisses as a sexual service that you are paid to perform. Anyway, I hope these people will grow up and see that there’s more to life than judging others. I'm more like the hugging-person, I freak out when it comes to kissing 8donno why) but the people I love gets a lot of hugs, and I draw fairies to them. They must think I'm in love with them or something.

  2. this has made me feel tons better. :) thankyou. <3


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