Monday, July 12, 2010

internet friend.

I have an Internet friend. I met him through MySpace when I first joined the site nearly four years ago. He had a self portrait clearly done in Microsoft Paint as his profile picture. His username was ‘Caffeine Suicide’. (Maybe some of you were friends with him?) He lived in California. We instantly clicked. We wrote to each other every single day for months but then my life started happening and I got busy living so we didn’t talk as much. I have since deleted my MySpace account but me and Ray still talk.

I spoke to him for the first time ever in real time on Skype around last Hallowe’en, maybe Christmas. (I don’t remember rightly, I just remember that I’d come in from a night out and was exhausted, messy and possibly still a bit drunk.) He saw me but I didn’t see him. He was embarrassed but I don’t understand why because I was dangerously close to resembling a hag and I had no problem with him seeing me. Because we were friends, ya know? And I have no problem having my friends see me in ridiculous states.

Speaking to him was lovely. After three years of feeling like I knew him inside out, we got to actually talk. Have a conversation that wasn’t contrived in the same way that emails are. Of course, I conked out leaving the computer on all night, waking up around eight or nine to apologise for leaving my Ray in a state of silence. With the eight hour time-difference though, it really made very little difference to him.

I spoke to him again recently for nearly two hours one night. He’s the type of person you’d stay up late to talk to. And he has lots of problems. I want to fix them. Maybe it’s weird to love someone you’ve never met but I don’t care: Ray knows my whole life and he’s been there in cyberspace for some of the worst bits. I love him. And I would love to meet him. We’d drink coffee and talk about poetry.

The last time I spoke to him, he recommended that I should listen to a band called The Antlers. I downloaded their album the very same night. It is gorgeous. Ray used to listen to lots of ugly heavy metal music (meaning you had to mute the sound on the computer whenever you went onto his MySpace profile back in the day) so I was pleasantly surprised to find that The Antlers were just my cup of tea.

This is the first gorgeous song that Ray linked me to:

You should listen to it. If you like pretty, indie sort of sounding music with nice lyrics, it will be right up your alley. Okay? Okay. (:

So pretty much the main point of this post was to plug this song. And my lovely friend Ray doesn’t read this so it certainly wasn’t intended to big up his ego.

Basically, Internet friends are nice and so are songs recommended by Internet friends.



  1. Weeeird, I was JUST listening to that song. Like literally three minutes ago.


  2. Good song. Internet friends.. hmmm I have 2 of those. One really great guy- we were bonded by the ole; LC. He got med. I didn't. I didn't hate him. I repeated. We'll see. One learned, well read dude who's witty. And he studies English. Yet he didn't know who John McGahern is. Ah internet friends. *sigh*


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