Wednesday, June 16, 2010

life after the leaving.

When the LC is done I will sleep lots. I will nurse my poor skin back to health with the dedication and commitment that I am sadly unable to give it now. I will fix my feet. I will consume lots of alcohol. I will purchase good make-up and summer clothes and sandals. I will exercise and drink nineteen litres of water a day. I will gut my room and do a new arty thing on the walls. (‘Minimal meets Pervert’ will probably be the theme.) I will bring those books back to the library. I will get new books to read. I will learn to bake a chocolate cake.


  1. it's been an embarassing length of time since i commented on this blog.
    it's a testament to how food centered these exams have made me that the only word i read in that no doubtedly eloquent post was 'chocolate cake'

  2. i know the feeling, doll. :D

  3. Ha ha I'm copying, pasting and printing that post and sticking it on my wall. It's the perfect to do List, especially the alcohol bit. (is that how you add people on facebook?! i think it's time!) xx


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