Monday, June 14, 2010

leaving cert update.

So Maths Paper Two was today. I loved it. I did my five questions from Section A and my one question from Section B, no more, no less. I’m happy with how I answered the questions, was able to do every bit of every question with no bizarre answers obtained. It was nice. I’d have stayed at  it for the day. Pass Maths at the start of Fifth Year was possibly the best decision of my academic career. Ooh, baby.

After a lengthy lunch during which I consumed an obscene amount of food (to stave off scurvy and depression), Irish Paper One. Being Ordinary Level, it was fine. Nothing out of the ordinary. Standard reading comprehensions and do-able stories and letters. I wrote the story about how I brought my friend on holidays and she did my skull in ‘cause she did nothing but be ag gearán*. Most other people in my class seemed to have done the first story of when the ball was coming towards them and their heart was leaping for joy. Almost all of them got a slap of it in the face though and ended up in hospital with a broken nose. Which is clever. I wouldn’t even have thought to twist it like that. All I considered was that I had no knowledge of ‘sport’ vocab. Neither do I have knowledge of ‘injury’ vocab though. So I brought my friend, Róisín, to Nua Eabhrac and she complained about everything. So I used the last of my money to buy her a plane ticket back to Ireland. When I saw her off, I told her, ‘Níl aon tinteán mar do thinteán féin’. Which I thought was pretty amusing.

My litir was about how the parentals had opened a B&B and I was working in the kitchen. I risked that I’d made lasange last night with vegetables(!) and chips. I also proudly used the vocab I’d learned last week telling my friend (Máire, I think I called her) that mholfainn that she put her application in ‘cause dearfainn that they’d give her a seans. All’s well that ends well on Páipéar a hAon.

The Tape Test was reasonable. Again, pretty routine stuff. No weird names to spell or anything like that.
For a day that went so well exam-wise, my poor face is telling a different story. I told you about the spots, yeah? They seem to be getting better (lots of water, no fringe) but now my face has turned a particularly devastating shade of aubergine. I look like a beetroot in a school uniform. I look sunburned. Which is hilariously ironic since I don’t know when I last saw daylight (today, lunchtime, whatever). I’d simply look flushed except that it’s on my forehead as well. Stress, I know. Right now, though, I am twice as stressed out about my face than I have been about my exams up to now. And I am fresh out of old wives’ tales and home-made cures so if anyone has any suggestions for a stressed-out, tomato-faced, oily-and-dry-skinned girl, please share.

I am off to wash and consume more water (it will be a wonder if I don’t drown), learn some poems and achoimre and have an early night.

*Apologies to those who don’t understand Irish for the admittedly ridiculous amount of it in this post. I am in the zone.

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