Thursday, June 17, 2010

LC update.

History yesterday was an uncertified disaster. (But I’m applying to have it certified. And me canonised.) It was a lovely paper, had I studied, and everyone I spoke to enjoyed it. However, I have an immense hatred of History and found even sitting in the exam hall infuriating. I love History really. I find it interesting, I really do. I liked History class, I liked hearing about all the stuff what happened before, but I could never bring myself to do my homework, never mind write a full essay. Or learn things. So I answered everything on the document question bar the contextualisation (and even though I was full sure Sunningdale was coming up, I still didn’t look over it). I also did the Economic Boom for America, a completely risked and waffling account about how loads of new jobs were created. This effort, coupled with the research study, might actually mean I’ll pass History. Though I doubt it.

Art today was nice. Again, ten times better if I’d studied. Which I didn’t. But C├ęzanne came up in European Art. I didn’t like him when we did him (in fact, I’m sure I hated him, but I have no idea why) so it’s astounding really that I remembered as much as I did. Although, Ms Walsh was borderline obsessed with the man and was forever singing his praises so that probably explains that. Sadly Newgrange did not come up in Irish Art, breaking its pattern of appearing every two years, and probably breaking everyone’s hearts in the process. I did the bit on St Patrick’s Bell-Shrine and the Lismore Crosier and did my other bit on the Cross of Cong, though I didn’t remember its name at the time. Art Appreciation was pretty dismal, it has to be said. All weird, specific questions. Banksy came up though, which was nice.

Just German in the morning and Chemistry on Tuesday. It will be a miracle if I survive the latter.


  1. One more to go eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! I can see the light... finally! x

  2. i get now why people were so mad at eavan boland for english. . i pretty much hate newgrange now. and it was supposed to be a safe bet. ciara, which question did you do for the irish anyway?

    chemistry's your last too, innit, anna? won't it just be bliss? :') ooh, how did you find german?



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