Tuesday, June 15, 2010

irish paper two and other things.

I’m feeling pretty rotten today. With only three subjects out of the way in the LC, I’m not even halfway. The easy ones are done, leaving me nothing to hide behind, totally exposed to all the rotten ones which I, rather bizarrely, chose to do: History tomorrow, then Art on Thursday, German on Friday, a three day weekend (in which I may or may not need alcohol), followed by Chemistry on Tuesday. Finally. Then all’s well that ends well. I know I said I wouldn’t mind repeating if it came down to it but I’ve changed my mind. Never again, please. I told my mother this morning that if I didn’t get into a college, I’d go on the game. She didn’t even laugh, she just said, ‘Ah, don’t do that anyway’.

Irish Paper Two today was only okay. Considering I’d done none of the revision I promised to do yesterday (since, due to lethargy, I went straight to sleep after a sandwich, lasagne and tea), the exam could have gone a lot worse. I did An Bhean Óg and Faoiseamh a Gheobhadsa without complaint, remembering bits and pieces about áit dhúchais and that. When I had to choose between Lig Sinn i gCathú, Clare sa Spéir and Fiche Bliain ag Fás though, I balked. I risked a paragraph on how Lig Sinn i gCathú was about university life. I stated that Máirtín spent his scholarship cheque on drink, like every other university student. Also, he got on well with the doirseoir and he happened to be on his way to, er, get his scholarship cheque. For the poetry, there was no avoiding Gealt? unfortunately. Unfortunately for me since I’d still been in Honours when the Pass class had done it and I’d never bothered to do much more than transcribe the notes neatly into my copy (we’d been doing Gealt? at the time in Honours too but as I subsequently dropped back to Pass, it’s fairly obvious I wasn’t doing much in the line of paying attention). For this question, I essentially took lines from the poem and stuck them in for support when I said that one of the main emotions in Gealt? was fear. A pretty crap answer, it has to be said.

I left that exam early, refusing to sit and weep about information I did not have. I’d already been in a poor mood due to my hideous face and the lethargy that has still not disappeared despite my ten hours of sleep last night. Since I’ve been home, I’ve tidied my room, made an amazing sandwich (BLT, nom) and very nearly prepared myself to fail History. Which I will. Well, no, I won’t. The project is 20% and I’m sure I did okay on that (in fact, I surprised myself with how well I think it read). I’m going to condense my revision to something about Russia, something about Germany, Cummann na nGael and something about America. And by something, I literally mean one thing. Possibly just a piece of trivia about Stalin’s favourite food or something.

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