Wednesday, June 09, 2010

the beginning of the end: english paper one.

Our passions are like convulsion fits, which, though they make us stronger for a time, leave us the weaker ever after. Alexander Pope.

(This quote is completely irrelevant for this post but I do quite like it so there it is.)

So the Leaving Cert started today. The beginning of the end or something. I’m trying to keep other things off my mind. Scarily, it’s working but this does mean that I’m only thinking of exams and how catastrophically I’m going to fail them. I genuinely have no problem repeating though. Easy-goin’, boi.

English Paper One suited me. I believe in miracles. The theme was ‘The Future’. I’m a fan of the future and the paper was actually sort of interesting. My Question A was some comprehension questions on Seamus Heaney which I left to the end and never finished. I don’t mind though since I’m utterly crap at them anyway. My Question B was really something special: a short radio talk about the importance/ impact of books in my life. Love love love. This question was made for me. I basically wrote out my life story, from reading the back of the carton of milk as a tot, to learning the Wizard of Oz off by heart (I can still remember the opening line: ‘once upon a time in Kansas…’), to how books like ‘The Perks of Being a Wallflower’ changed my life. Seriously.

My essay was a little less appreciated. I did the first one, something about ‘terrific theatrics’ and let on I was an actress. I had some pretty killer phrases, I have to admit. I also let on that all actors were insane. I sort of believe that though. I think that if you’re creative at all, you have to be a little divorced from reality. I’m creative and I firmly believe that I am a bit touched in the brain. But I think it makes things more interesting. Hmm.

Paper Two tomorrow. Hate to abuse the English language at such an inappropriate time but I am fucked.

For the rest of you sitting the Leaving Cert this year, hope you found today’s paper okay and that the rest of the exams suit you as well, innit. Best of luck, kids. x


  1. Good luck Emma! Hope they all go really well for you :) x

  2. Have to say i really enjoyed both english papers. Thanking my lucky stars i didn't count on Boland, shocked she didn't make an appearance. I did the lovely Kavanagh question. How you getting on?

  3. both english papers were lovely, yeah. like, too lovely. it was weird. i did kavanagh too. i was totally banking on him coming up. if he hadn't, i was well stuck. yeah, poor eavan should've shown up really, like. . i'd say half the country was gutted. :/
    maths was reasonable today though most of my year weren't too keen on it. tha' was pass, like. honours or pass maths for you now? x

  4. Pass maths thank god, dropped down at christmas. best decision ever! absolutely dreading the next 2 days... honours irish is a killer. if a politicians essay doesn't come up i'm screwed! how are you fixed for it? the leaving cert weather is apparently hitting this week too, fml! x

  5. i have a fairly nice two days really, pass irish & pass maths. i do love irish but i don't think i could handle learning all those complicated essays ye've to learn. :/ best of luck though - i'll say a prayer fer ya that politics comes up!

    that's rough about the weather. i thought we might just escape it. it's wicked humid as it is anyway. eww.

    oh, what have ya down on the CAO, i meanta ask ya? (: x


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