Wednesday, May 12, 2010

like the sun has stopped shining.

This having no distractions and being at one with my thoughts and utter loneliness thing is getting old. I’ll take that distraction now, thanks. But no one’s offering. Which is sort of hilarious in itself. You know, if I was in a laughing-at-my-own-misfortune kind of mood. Which I’m not. Feeling pretty sorry for myself actually. The one thing I want, I can’t have. Actually, all other options have vanished too (thanks to yours truly). I have to sit pretty, don’t I? Well, not pretty but, you know, averagely… Or at least quietly.

Also, I have an art exam tomorrow which I shall fail pretty epically, it has to be said. Granted, I have done more preparation for this than what I did for the Design paper but that really isn’t saying much. I’m plotting a decent night’s sleep and hoping that’ll do something for my artistic ability.

I studied today. I know. Bizarre. Every single titration that could come up in June. My money’s on bleach. It hasn’t been on the paper in years. Not since 2002 and that was donkey’s years ago. NaClO FTW. Phenolphthalein. Ooh baby.

That thing I had to write for Ms Jones about going to see Die Fälscher? She rewrote the whole thing and still stuck my name on it. She’s lucky the inspector(s) (who was/ were in school all last week) didn’t query me about it ‘cause I swear I would have hung her. Teachers lying! Has it really come to this?

Pretty resigned to the fact that I’ll be repeating. Which is horrible. Because I can’t wait to get out of this black hole of a town. It’s vomit-inducing, it really is. Maybe I’ll get an A in chemistry and that will make up for my lack of cop on in any/ every other subject? Ha. What a joke.

Limerick, please. Think I might change the CAO again, to include courses with minimal points. Suggestions?

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