Thursday, May 27, 2010

last day of school evaaaa 2kai10 baii.

Today was (officially speaking) our last day of school ever. It was pretty amazing. Fancy Dress Extreme Dodgeball, us against the teachers.

Here are some shots, most of which I have plundered from Facebook:

Me as a ladybird (I had wings as well) and my best friend the hippy hillbilly. With a unibrow.

Team A/ Team Asexual/ Team Asshole/ The A Team.

The teachers.

In battle mode.

John & Edward.

Double the double trouble. Two Johns, two Edwards.

The 11850 fellas. Brilliant. :’)

Tomorrow will be lovely. Graduation mass, Chinese, pub and disco. Pimp & Ho Night, anyone? Cannot wait.

Strange to think about finishing school. End of an era. I’ll post something more eloquent when it actually hits me. I really will miss that hellhole. x

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  1. Last day of school is so bittersweet. I still can't believe I'm finished. Graduation night was amazing though, best night out of the year! enjoy x


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