Tuesday, May 18, 2010

cupcake cures depression.

Woke up today feeling decidedly awful. My illness is gone but in its place? Something like insomnia. Okay so that’s obviously an exaggeration, but I was yawning like a loon on loon tablets at half eight last night and was wrapped up and unconscious in bed before nine. I was wide awake at half eleven and did the usual diagnosis on myself – am I hungry? Do I need to pee? Had some cornflakes, went to the bathroom, tried to return to the Land of Nod. No go. Watched Des Bishop and Russell Howard. Nothing. Read a book. Lay in the dark, doing nothing, then concentrating on my breathing, then trying to concentrate on nothing. Still I couldn’t sleep. It must have been four in the morning when I eventually nodded off.

This morning when I woke up at seven (a mere three hours after falling asleep) my body was experiencing those funny aches which roughly translate to, ‘Emma, what are you attempting to do? Get up? I don’t think so. Sshhh, back to bed, it’s okay, ssshhh…’ Very soothing. Can’t move. School? No, thankyou. Shur we only have double PE and I wouldn’t be doing that anyway. And a half day. What is the point? Sleep? Oh yes please.

So I went back to sleep. Lovely. When I did finally decide to start my day with a boiled egg and toast and tea, I was in an awful mood. Boredom. Restlessness. A slight depression.

 Cupcake Cures Depression

Decided to make some fairy cakes. They turned out quite well, albeit a bit sweet. I shall use less sugar next time. Here is a picture of my lovely cupcakes:

There were lots more but we ate them before I remembered to take a photo. One had a love heart, one had ‘Tommy’ and a star, one had ‘Mam’ and a love heart (‘cause I love my mammy) and there were a few more pink ones too. The ones pictured don’t look too hectic but they’re not bad for my first attempt ever at baking, right? Previously, my piece de resistance had been Rice Krispy buns. This is definitely a step up. If not a staircase up. They taste lovely but are very filling. Nom nom vanilla. I have a few left over and I’m going to bring them in to those sexy friends of mine in school, as it has been so very long since I’ve actually been in school.

I feel good. (:

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