Saturday, May 15, 2010

and you were looking at me, smiling.

Currently, I’m in my room. I love this evening light. I’m drinking water because fluids are meant to be extra good for you when you’re ill, aren’t they? Maybe I made that up. Well, they’re good for ya anyway, I suppose. But yeah. Slurp slurp.

I am ill. Wake-up-in-the-middle-of-the-night-not-being-able-to-breathe-through-your-nose kind of ill. The worst kind of ill, in other words. Nurofen Cold & Flu tablets work wonders for me though and while I’m bunged up and miserably and weak, I am well on the way to recovery. I think. I hope.

Despite my poor health, I washed all the windows today. Mummy Dearest fell the other day and hurt her arm. She’s pretty much incapacitated for the next while so I’m doing good deeds by washing the windows and cleaning up the kitchen and doing messages and other such generous things. I also made her a sling for her poor handy. First Aid in TY was not a complete waste of time.

Mummy said, ‘God’ll reward ya’. He’d wanta. I have led a difficult and trying life thus far. And I have been very good lately. Apart from being emo and texting someone something I really oughtn’t have texted them. And  generally being a bit of a wet. Other than that though, I have been almost saintly in my demeanour. And I’ve been eating lots of fruit.

One of my nails broke the other day. Granted, it was helped along by some absent-minded chewing on my part but still. It is now the midget of its ten digit family. A lonely and lowly existence.

I got a necklace the other day, which was pretty exciting. I had a €10 voucher for New Look left over from my birthday. I never really get the chance to go to New Look but since we were around the other day, I decided to pop in and have a nosey. Here is a poor quality picture of the quite lovely necklace:

I like the pastel pinks and the floral bits. (:

Also in my life:

Graduation is fast approaching. I am excited. I cannot wait to buy a new dress and go to the Chinese (with about seventy or eighty other Sixth Years and a few teachers) and then the pub and the disco. I don’t even like the disco but I will go that night. For the howl. And because it’s Pimp and Ho Night. I’m strongly considering investing in a faux fur coat and a few photocopied dollar bills to place inside my bitches’ underwear.

My new shoes should be arriving soon (hopefully?). Cream coloured brogues. They look like white chocolate. Pretty thrilled about them, to be honest. Though I’ll be indebted to Amy for weeks since she buys me stuff I want off Ebay with her account. What a good girl.

Speaking of good girls, hello to the gorgeous Kate H who I sit beside in Irish and who rather bizarrely and randomly stumbled across my blog last week and was prevented from studying for at least an hour due to being engrossed in its gripping and topical content. Apparently, I’m ‘deep’.

New project: Operation Farewell Fat Emma. Serious exercise and no more sweeties. Even though I don’t think I eat that much junk. I do like my dinner and the odd bar of chocolate, but mostly I like fruit and that. Of course, I am a lazy bitch and don’t move more than a few metres in a day when left to my own devices. So that would explain the fat bum etc.  Having said that, I’m not weird about my body. I don’t think about it all day long and dwelly on my belly. I’m pretty happy with my body – make the best of what you’ve been given, innit? – but the paunch does draw my attention when I’m standing in front of the mirror. The Sixth Year Stone, isn’t it? Oh well. Salads and walks. Personally, I swear by that combination.

Thus ends my massive update on the still very exciting – almost too exciting – life of Emma Norris. Hope you kids are well. x

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  1. WOOP WOOP! I officially got mentioned in a BLOG! Almost famous now i suppose . . . .
    From your Irish Buddy,
    P.S Emma your keeping me from study now, AGAIN!


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