Wednesday, April 07, 2010

update on the exciting life of emma norris.

Right, so Dublin tomorrow. With my meagre funds. Getting the train with my art class to go see the National Museum and the National Gallery and the Book of Kells in Trinners. All to answer one question on the Art Appreciation section of the paper which I can almost guarantee I will avoid in the actual Leaving. I’ll opt for packaging and advertising and the like instead. I don’t have any particular knowledge or skill in this area but I do it ‘cause I like the colours. On the Pre, we had Ribena and Diet Coke so, like, it was exciting.

Tomorrow should be exciting also. Early start. Drive to Kilkenny,  then train to Dublin. Then off on our art appreciating adventures. I can’t wait to act all knowledgeable and cultured. Will make a nice change. I shall be suitably exhausted since my sleep pattern’s all over the place with the Easter holiers. Oh well. Sleepies on the train.

I still haven’t studied. Which is terrible. Although, I did open my German folder yesterday and sort of look at a picture sequence. Which is something. If not a lot. Today shall be productive, I swear!

Today is a gorgeous day… But I’m studying, aren’t I? Yep.

Today is also a day for copious amounts of tea and toast. But I feel like drinking coffee.

My brother is visiting on Friday (hopefully) and bringing his four beautiful sons (and one woman friend thing). I can’t wait. I adore my nephews. Like, you have no idea how happy they make me. They are gorgeous and happy and fun-loving. I cannot wait to see them. :’)

I’m still having those dreams. And I have no idea what to do about them. So I’m going to concentrate on other things, things I can do something (and something productive) about. Studying and sleeping and smiling and the like.

I think that’s about the extent of the goings on in my life currently. Hmm. What a redundant blog post… Oh well.

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