Wednesday, April 21, 2010

sometimes i still need you.

Sociology and German if it comes down to it. We could live in a lovely little house, floral decor and everything. German oral was fine: I sweat. I finally wrote that English essay. A week later. B3, here I come? Napped. Looking for Alaska. Coffee. Motivation. Study plan? All the lovely colours. Personality. Friends come first. Nothin’, I was just talkin’ to Siobhán. Little things make me happy. Happier than big things. Sunshine. Fresh air. Pulling the curtains at night. Planning hilarious things. Like beaks. Understanding you. Fate. Doing things you’re not supposed to do is always thrilling. Relaying the details of the weird and wonderful situations I get myself into. I love making people laugh. I think it’s my favourite thing in the whole wide world.

you mean that much to me
and it's hard to show
gets hectic inside of me
when you go
can i confess these things
to you
i don't know
embedded in my chest
and it
hurts to hold
couldn't spill my heart
my eyes gleam looking in from the dark
i walk out in stormy weather
hold my words, keep us together
steady walking but bound to trip
should release but just tighten my grip
night time, sympathise
i’ve been working on white lies
so i’ll tell the truth, i’ll give it up to you

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