Sunday, April 04, 2010


I like projects. I like making things, or editing things or whatever. I had this necklace since, like, my seventeenth birthday. It was cute at the time. It still is cute, but I didn’t like the colour, so I never wore it much. It’s an owl, sort of like this one:

Only silver, which was awful. And the chain was pretty hideous. Cheap looking. So I decided to get rid of the silver plating. Brasso gets rid of silver plating. So I Brasso-ed the necklace. Bit of Brasso on a cloth and surgical gloves and cotton buds for the crevices. Only that was a slow process and I got bored quickly. So my mother put it in an eggcup and poured some Brasso in on top of it.  Of course that didn’t exactly go to plan: the owl part sort of turned out alright, in that it’s copper coloured, but it’s pretty dodgy looking with patches. The chain remained the exact same. But with green bits. 

I’m thinking maybe get a different chain. Or a ribbon. And gold spray paint. Trial and error, wha’?

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