Monday, April 19, 2010

never a dull moment.

Okay, so it’s Monday and I wasn’t in school today. Bargained with Mummy Dearest this morning that since I’ve been in, like, the whole time since January, I deserve a day off out of pure emotional exhaustion. I’d promised to use my day off wisely by studying German for the oral tomorrow but, naturally, that didn’t happen.

The most productive things I could manage were making my bed, washing myself and going to buy new facewash. (One which has trisodium EDTA in it, which is very exciting. About as exciting as my life gets really.)

Saturday was nice. Exciting. Melodramatic.

Lessons learned?
Sambuca is to be avoided: it makes your face go numb and your belly do funny flips.
Keep your mouth shut, Emma: other people’s business is none of yours.
Some boys are nice, others are not.
Nothing is without its consequences, even if you choose to ignore them.

Worked Saturday morning and then bought balloons and candles for my Best Friend’s birthday celebrations (the Best Friend who I’m henceforth referring to as ‘Betty’ to, like, protect her identity or whatever). Amy got her a gorgeous chocolate cake and I made Rice Krispy buns (my sole talent). I also made a game for Betty, which involved Blu-Tacking her passport photo onto various people’s bodies – as diverse as Tits McGee and Stumpy McGee and Weight-lifting Man. Hilarious.

Here is a photo of my Best Friend blowing out the candles on her cake:

Only I was, like, a second too late with the camera, so here’s the staged version of her blowing out the candles:

The Strand was packed when we arrived. Ya couldn’t turn a sweet in yer mouth. It was jammers. Impossible to breathe, think or talk.  So Betty and I left. Headed to another public house. This public house was dead. D-E-D. So back to the Strand we trotted, furious. In the end, everyone was standing outside the Strand because of the heat and the concentration of people inside. It was nice. Reminded me of the good ol’ knacker drinkin’ days. Eventually though everyone ended up in Other Pubic House, in the beer garden. Drama ensued. Whatevs.

Strange weekend.

Yesterday was nice, recounting the previous night with Betty. Stupid phrases. Being chased to RHJ’s car. All in all, pretty hilarious. Blast from the past though, all that drama. Are we not a bit grown-up for that nonsense? Evidently not. Oh well. Never a dull moment, as they say.

Bought Company Magazine last night as well as a packet of Hula Hoops in an effort to cheer myself up. It sort of worked. The sentiment, if nothing else.

Off now to catch up on all the homework I didn’t do over the weekend (i.e. all the homework, full stop). Maybe even learn a German roleplay (ooh la la).

Also, I have credit. For, like, the first time since Christmastime. It’s bizarre. Being able to actually contact people in a way that doesn’t involve the numbers 50001? Bizarre. Feel free to text me. Bizarrely, you might actually get a response.

That is all. x


  1. 'bizarre' three times in one paragraph? cool it.


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