Wednesday, April 28, 2010

i don’t know what this is but i know i don’t want it.

So I need those colours. And healthy feet. And that smell. And photos. And not being drunk for once? Maybe. I am glad I have you. You are exactly what I need right now. Seeing you automatically makes me happy and I feel nervous when you’re not there. I feel vulnerable. Because everyone has their person. Or people. I am so glad you are  my person. And I hope you’ll be my person for a long time. Forever. College. Vodka. How both our lives are awful but you just have to live it. I think you are making me happy. (:

In other news, this still stings. Still. Forever. Now. Always. Lifelong. Eternity. Infinity. Until Hell freezes over. Until the cows come home. I fucking hope not. This really hurts.

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