Saturday, April 10, 2010


Things what I have done over my two-week long Easter break:
Learned two German picture sequences.
Got a job.
Worked (twice!).
Cleaned everywhere.
Gone on a little adventure with Lover Boy.
Chopped off the mane.
Got drunk.
Plotted deadly plots.
Had many a nightmare.
Made soup.

I am bored. Terribly bored. The kind of bored where nothing is entertaining enough. Tried to learn more German. But got bored of that too.

I have a tenner. Do I go out and slurp down two pints very quickly or do I keep the tenner and become a tenner closer to those sexy specs that I’m currently coveting? (I do love alliteration.)

Families are a pain. Visiting relatives are infuriating. Nephews are gorgeous but I may as well be invisible. And my Baby Jack didn’t remember me.

I put on make-up for this?

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  1. Sometimes you just have to put on the make-up just for your own good. Families may be a bitch utill you move out and you realise that you miss them as hell.

    Sounds like a lovley Easter! Congratz with the job.


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