Friday, April 16, 2010

busy busy busy.

Right, so I haven’t blogged in nearly a week, which is strange but does go to show just how much effort I’ve been putting into school and stuff lately.

First week back at school after Easter. Got all my Pre’s back. Wanna know the damage? I failed History and Chemistry. History, fair enough, but I didn’t expect to fail Chemistry even though, yeah, fair enough, I did… hmm… no study. However, I have gotten my arse in gear since and am totally serious about getting last year’s much coveted B1. Or at least a C1. What is wrong with me? I like Chemistry.

Everything else was mediocre, though I did get an A2 in both Irish and Art. Second highest in the class in Art, boi, innit? Shocking really considering I totally risked that Monet painted L’absinthe, which he totally did not. A rather horrifying and earth-shattering C3 was ‘achieved’ in English. I was pretty disgusted. But I’ve also got my arse in gear with regards to that too. Even though I didn’t get nearly enough points in the Pre’s for what I actually need, I haven’t lost faith. The complete opposite. And that is quite a nice feeling. Motivation and ambition and the like.

So my Irish oral was last Wednesday. Got Sliocht a hAon so was thrilled. Cá bhfuil m’Umbro top? I did forget the word for ‘big’ but whatever. I got an A2 in my Pre-Oral but I doubt I got anywhere near that in the Real Thing. Áfach, dúirt sí go raibh mo sliocht ar fheabhas mar sin… You never know. (:

German oral on Tuesday. I’m praying for Kate macht einen Schuleraustausch in Deutschland and Arbeit im Hotel in Irland. Ooh baby. General Conversation will a static, sombre affair. This weekend is completely and utterly dedicated to learning German idioms and the like. (Though hopefully I’ll also be able to fit in making a bit of a big deal about my gorgeous best friend having recently turned 18, as well as, like, working. And sleeping. Though those last two are of minimal importance.)

Last Sunday was gorgeous. Absolutely boiling. Nineteen degrees? More than we’re used to. Ever. But especially after that hard winter. I wore a dress. A floral dress. And heart shaped sunglasses (yeah, don’t break, don’t break my heart or I will break your heart shaped glasses). The Boy Wonder arrived in and made my day. We ate ice lollies and lolled about and I made a fancy summery dinner (which essentially just involved putting two baguette things in the oven and dishing out a bit of salad and grating a bit of cheese. Thought that counts.)

The weather has been particularly spectacular since too but I heard through the vine that it’s all set to end on Sunday? Rain and the like then? Typical. It’s been lovely though and appreciated and has been a wonderful reminder that summer is indeed a-comin’, however slowly.

Graduating school on the 28th May. Bizarre really. In Religion on Monday we’re starting those posters which are absolutely ritualistic in our school. Sixth Years have done it since time immemorial, like. Lovely posters covered in photos from when you were small and all your secondary school years. They’re put up in the Snr GPA a few days before the graduation so that the rest of the school gets to peruse them. I think it’s an absolutely gorgeous tradition. Who’d a thunk we’d ever be actually graduating? Bizarre.

Anyway, point is, I’ve got to go print out lovely pictures in the morning. Yay.

And that’s about the extent of it. Exhausted. Had a nice evening with the Boy Wonder, eating crisps and dropping my Ice Berger on the ground. Sniff. And singing songs. iloveyou.

Hope you kids are well. x

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