Monday, March 22, 2010


I haven’t cried in ages and ages.

I really love fruit and vegetables, I really do.

pH is doable.

The Cribs. Blast from the past.

Fall Out Boy too.


Not having credit.


RHJ. ♥

Russell Howard.

If I could do it all again? Minus history, thanks. Blodge instead, thank you very much.

German film. Totally just realised that I will be a loner.

Art galleries though. For the win, for the win.

B1. (:

Ar phóg tú duine níos óige ná tusa riamh? Phóg. Dé ghnáth. ‘Cougar’ is ea mé, is dóigh liom. (;



  1. I've been here for the last two years, but only now I have realised how different this country is compared to what I'm used to. I LOVE IT!!

    I would not go back in time. Or maybe I would, I'm so blogging this! Haha.


  2. oh the joys of 6th year!! it's all about school isn't it?! impressed that you havn't cried in ages... tears are flowing hourly in my group! hurry up june 22nd


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