Saturday, March 27, 2010


Things What Have Happened:
I went to the dentist and I got my teeth cleaned. It was quite painful. My gums are quite sensitive.
I skulled myself off the kitchen press. I was going to put a teabag in the bin but I was looking intently at the teabag rather than at where I was going and BANG. Oww. My head is quite sore. Insert suitably sad face.
I have no clothes. Seriously.
I fell asleep last night and left the front door unlocked. This is a first. I expect a chastising when my mother comes home from work. Damn.
I got to see the Boy Wonder yesterday. It was lovely and it made me quite happy. I cannot wait for summer.
I dreamt I got my English pre back and got a B1, but I doubt I am that lucky in real life.

Things What I’ve Been Thinking:
You make my whole body smile.
College. Just a few more months.
My hair is just awful.
Rilo Kiley. <3
I have an awful habit when I’m writing or typing to say the words in my head, rather than spell them or visualise them, and it’s like as though I hear myself wrong: I write ‘clues’ instead of ‘clothes’ and ‘put’ instead of ‘but’. Hmm.

Anyway, here are some Plans:
Chemistry revision and exam paper work.
School on Wednesday for two hours of history and two hours of German.
I want to see you plenty.


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