Saturday, March 20, 2010


A regular post is in order, I think. That Thirty Days thing is hard. I have a short attention span for that sort of routine. Maybe I’ll continue some other time, or leave out some of the boring ones. Life is too brief for me to waste my time trying to adhere to lists and study plans and the like.

So my only real news lately is that I got an A2 in my Irish Pre-Oral, which is lovely. I have ‘beautiful Irish’, apparently. I love having a boy with whom I can converse as Gaeilge. It’s nice.

Also, I booked my accommodation for college. I maybe left it a bit late and since it’s on a first-come first-served basis, it’s another issue altogether whether I get the room. And if I do, it’ll end up being Plassey. What’s the bet, like? Still though, I’ll fit in nicely. Being tough and that, as I am.

Going to see some German film next week. Why, I don’t know. I really should have opted out. Just do not have the funds. Hmm.

Tonight will be my first Saturday night staying in in a while. I thought I was looking forward to it but it feels a bit strange. I’ve gotten used to seeing the Boy Wonder on Saturdays and while I did see him for an hour or two this afternoon, it really wasn’t long enough. Strange.

I had great plans to do homework today but so far all I’ve done is have a lovely breakfast, wash myself and kiss a nice boy. And read a nice book. I love starting books and just knowing that they’re going to inspire you. Finished Eclipse (much to my dismay), and now I’m thoroughly wrapped up in Miles’ life. Already. I do love books. This will inspire me.

Is aoibhinn liom bheith ag léamh. Léim gach tráthnóna, ach dá mbeadh an t-am agam, beinn ag léamh an t-am ar fad.

Ooh, baby.

I am a sap. Like, wow. Like, it’s not even funny. But it feels so nice. And miraculous. And I am so scared. Which is a good thing, because it tells me just how much I care. And I love love love you.

Tired arms.

Maths homework, cornflakes and Garden State, I think. Or else Russell Howard.

Everything is so good.


  1. I love red head Kirsten Dunst. She's amazing.
    Bring It On. Memories


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