Sunday, March 07, 2010

nice times.

I pretty much live for the weekends these days. Weekends mean getting somewhat dressed up and wearing make-up and having sort of decent hair and getting nice sleeps and having a bit of freedom and getting to see you. This weekend was lovely, no different to last weekend. Vodka, noodles, because you’re gorgeous and I’d do anything for you, seeing H. Always a lovely bonus. Brief, but lovely. I’ll miss you too much next year.

Favourite photo from the weekend:

There’s just something hilarious about the variety of facial expressions in photos. I don’t know. It kills me. I look ready to conk out. I was. Happy birthday, A, you piece of meat, you. (;

Yesterday was lovely. Got to meet a sexually frustrated Muslim boy, which is always nice, got well fed and got a nice patterned shirt for €1.75 in a charity shop. Fun times. Also had the most amazing Subway. Nom.

Today? Reading Eclipse for the morning, I think, and might see to some homework later too. We’ll see.

Got a boy hoody. And I smell like boy. Pretty much love this.

I don’t know if the two are connected, these new situations, but I really miss you two. Like, in an awful way. But I feel like I can’t have it all. Though that doesn’t seem right, because it was never an issue before. And if it’s an issue now, I’d choose you two. Like, in a heartbeat. You are my safe harbour.

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