Tuesday, March 02, 2010

mo’ routine, plz.

History today. Three hours of doodling and an afternoon’s worth of giggling because seemingly the whole study hall knew I was doing nothing. I answered half of the Documents Question and sort of just gave up after that. I suppose I do sort of regret it since lovely essays came up and if I’d studied at all, I would have easily been able to come up with a few decent paragraphs. Oh well. S’only the Pre’s…

Tomorrow is the last of this shite and finally I can return to routine and biscuits at breaktime and note-taking and nice, unassuming things like that. German and Irish Tape tomorrow. But there’s two cans of Druids waiting in the fridge for me when I get home, since the rest of Sixth Year is hitting the city and I’m too poverty-stricken to join in the festivities. And technically I don’t even own those two cans of cider but would anyone begrudge me? They wouldn’t dare. (;

Made a list with H for lovely summer adventures and I cannot wait. And I bashed my knee off my eye.

A’s birthday shenanigans on Friday. Should be amusing. Lots of Bulmers, please, and maybe even cocktail sausages. Unfortch, J won’t be there which is, y’know, irritating but thass akay. I’ll keep some profiteroles in my pocket for a later date.

I really should look over vocab for tomorrow’s tests. Hmm. Reading Eclipse (yay!) and drinking tea and going a-slumber seems much more productive and I don’t know why that is.

Friday, Saturday, Summer, marry me.

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  1. Isn't is weird how everyone in 6th year just spends all day planning summer adventures. i'm living for the 22nd june.
    and the weekend!


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