Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lá Fhéile Pádraig Shona Dhuit.

Painted my nails (and the Boy Wonder’s thumbnail) for Paddy’s Day. Go on the tricolour!

Go on the Molleran’s! And poor Pop-Eye in the background. Got two 99s off him last week. Lovely chap.

Kitty O’D and she all kitted out in her green clobber. I think my teapot is quite a good representation of the Irish psyche.

One of the many, many old cars that were in procession up the Main Street. I like this one.

Paddy himself and some of his loyal fans. Signing autographs and the like.

May Contain Nuts, innit. Lovely performance. (:

A lovely St Patrick’s Day, apart from the cold and the drizzle. The music was good and the people were smiley and the Carrick passion was in full swing and roaring. Some weird man did take a photo of us though, and he didn’t look at all professional. In fact, he looked decidedly creepy.

On an unrelated – yet related – note, The Green Mile was on T na G the other night. What a film. What a bastard that Percy was. Me and Mother complained about him solidly for a good 48 hours.

Hope you all had a nice Paddy’s Day anyway. x

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