Wednesday, March 03, 2010


Pre’s finally over. How did I celebrate? I took naps. Lots of naps. I had two rather nice cups of tea also, and read Eclipse. Making slow progress with that, but naps have always been more important to me.

I swear to God, the ratio of good music to bad music on my laptop is well unbalanced. If I stick it on shuffle, I end up skipping, on average, every second song. Like, David Bowie, in theory, is great but I can’t listen to him, I really can’t. So why do I have his complete 2 disc Best Of on my computer? I swear I only like about ten albums, and at that, only in limited doses. I get bored easily. I have this thing where listening to certain music at certain times (namely, the wrong times) makes me feel physically sick. Placebo when I’m not in a Placebo mood turns my stomach and sort of saddens me. However, the likes of Sheryl Crow when you’re in a good and dancey mood is just lovely. Well, any music when you’re in a good mood is lovely. Bonus happiness.

I used to contemplate love a lot. I don’t anymore. Love is lovely. If you’re in it, enjoy it. If you’re not, don’t worry. Just because it hasn’t happened yet doesn’t mean it won’t. And, quite honestly, the last six months of singledom I’ve lived through have been the best in my life. Just, I don’t know, make the most of every day and every experience. Even the crap ones. Especially the crap ones. Personally, I adore getting myself into sticky situations. Makes for good story-telling later and vicarious laughs all ‘round. Love it, innit. This love thing is utterly gorgeous, at the moment though. (:

I need a job. Purely to fund my need for nice clothes and cider.

I cannot wait for summer. Flaggons and dresses and sunnies and the beach and picnics and over-exposed photographs and freedom and adventures and lurrrrve.

Debs dress picked out. No money to buy it, like, but whatever. It’s champagne coloured. And chic. And I pretty much need it in my life. We’re talking $70, we’re talking taffeta, we’re talking just below the (belt) knee. Lovely.

I’m not into floor-length dresses. I feel like I’m too short to wear them, even though people shorter than me risk them and look utterly stunning in them, it’s just this thing I have. I tried on the most amazing floor-length dusty pink dress a few weeks ago though. It was beautiful. Very simple and elegant. Of course, I don’t really do simple and elegant. I’m more into strange and standy-outty. That gorgeous dusty pink dress was beautiful though. €250 and very traditionally Debsy. Too expensive and too… normal. Champagne chic, please.


Normal school resuming tomorrow. I think I’ll appreciate the routine of not doing homework, rather than the up-in-the-air not studying thing.

Anyway, good night. Sweet nothings beckon and that. (:


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