Tuesday, March 30, 2010

how absurdly important money is. (and a mention of alcohol.)

I like having drinks down the local with friends, a few choons playing idly in the background. I like doing shots of tequila in a tiny bar that’s full to bursting point with inebriated people of all ages. I like that. I like the sense of community. I like buying a kebab afterwards on special occasions when I have excess funds.

I really hope this job thing works out. I know it’s not a lot of money, and I know it’s a hard slog for not a lot of money, but I’m willing to do it without complaint if it means no more of this hopeless poverty-related inertia.

If I had lots and lots of euros, wanna know what I’d do? I’d buy earphones. I don’t know when I last owned a working pair of earphones. Must have been January. That’s an awful long time to go without music on the bus to and from school every day. It’s painful most days. Actually, since I have all these imaginary euros, I think I’ll buy a fancy new mp3 player. Maybe even an iPod. Ooh err. And I’ll get my wrist pierced.

Also, I’ll get that red dress, plus that other champagne one on the Internet (so that I won’t clash with RHJ at his Debs, him being ginger and that).

I’ll buy new make-up too. Eyeliner is desperately required, since the ground opened and swallowed the one I had. Granted, it had grown so small from sharpening it that it could just be the case that I’ve overlooked it in all its minuteness. Whatever. I am the eyeliner queen. I have been since I was fourteen. I like dark eyes, I can’t help it. Of course it ends up looking awful and smeared all over my face at the end of a long day but this does not deter me.

I’ll buy lovely presents for my friends and reimburse everyone I’ve ever bummed money off of. I’ll throw little teaparties with cider and fairy cakes with icing and nice things. I’ll buy gorgeous dresses and brogues and tights and socks and thingssss.

Material things aside, I’ll visit you more. I’ll buy you sweeties and pay for my own lunch. And my own souvenirs.

Fingies crossed for this job. x

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  1. Ah, good luck love! Hope you get it. :) x


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