Monday, March 29, 2010

Goodness and Fullness.

So it was sort of drizzling while I was walking home tonight. And the air smelled humid and wet and heavy. And I was dressed like a fool in shorts and man socks. But I didn’t care because I was happy. The air smelled amazing. And I felt full and happy.
Yesterday was lovely. A & I threw a little tea party for K, who turned eighteen the other day. A bought a spongecake which we coated in icing sugar. I made Rice Krispy buns. A made a card for K which she then coated in glitter and silver stars confetti. BeyoncĂ©’s ‘Single Ladies’ was on repeat in the background for added hilarity. Which it did add. When K arrived, I intercepted her at the front gate and blindfolded her (a la Gloucester and Poor Tom) while A lit the candles on the cake.
When I brought K inside, the candles were sparking. She blew them out. They lit again. Never laughed so much in my lifeee. The kitchen was stink with black smoke. Hilarious.
We ate cake and K was happy and it was nice. Out Wednesday night to celebrate with alcohol. Though because of lack of funds, I won’t be consuming said alcohol.
Yes, I know I recite that same rubbish every week but this time, I really do not have money. Ughh. In any case, if I did have money, I’d be saving it for that amazing Debs dress that I can’t even discuss at length here for fear someone will get there before me and buy it. In such an event, I would probably die. Suffice it to say that the dress is amazing and I need it in my life. Anyone want to donate funds? Sponsor me? Please?
Recorded some poetry today at J’s house. For the laugh, like. I may or not risk putting it up on this, depending on how narcissistic I’m feeling. Hearing my voice back makes me think I have a problem with the letter s. Also, I don’t know how anyone listens to me talk at all. I sound weird.
Got a new necklace today (courtesy of my wonderful boyfriend since, as we know, I have no moolah). It’s a kettle/ teapot. I like to think it’s a kettle. You know the ones you used to put on the stove years ago, before the electric kettle? One of them. I like that this one’s a kettle and the one Amy got me is a teapot. This one goes on the stove but the one Amy got me goes on the table, for guests, like. Yes, I am a freak.
I think that’s about the extent of it, other than, like, giving out about all the money I don’t have. Hmm. I keep thinking of Andy Warhol: ‘Think rich, look poor’. Fingers crossed that I’m at least thinking rich. I definitely have that second one down to a fine art. I call it the ‘indie look’ but really it’s the ‘breadline look’. Oh well.
Umm, to sum up: I love everything and everyone. I love my best friends and the Boy Wonder and breakfast and music and nice things. And planning the future. I cannot wait for all that loveliness to start. I’m happy. And still pleasantly stunned by that very idea. Life is good. (:

“and he touches you with his fingers. and he burns holes in your skin with his mouth. and it hurts when you look at him. and it hurts when you don’t. and it feels like someone’s cut you open with a jagged piece of glass.”

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  1. bby, i'll treat you to a few drinks in order to say thankies for keeping me from having to sleep on the street. x


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