Saturday, March 13, 2010

07. A Photo That Makes You Happy.

Obviously this was a difficult choice since there a hundred and one photos (in fact, a thousand and one – seriously) that make me happy but I did choose this one, ‘cause it sort of epitomises my sixteen year old self. And I don’t know, it makes me happy to see it, to see smiling and adventures and us when we were younger, and how different things are now. It’s nice. Nostalgia.

This was when we used to go to those gigs in Kilkenny every odd Sunday and we were the bad crowd who ended up getting banned from ever going there again. Which is funny. And it makes me happy. We’re in the bathroom in Zoo, illegally drinking cans of cider. There’s me holding one as usual. (I had brown hair once upon a time. With a tinge of ginge, as usual.) And that’s my best friend there beside me, taking the picture. And those lovely Clonmel girls are there too. I don’t know who’s drying their hair under the hand-dryer, and I never noticed them before now. Anyway, I think it’s a happy picture, and it makes me happy now. (There are more pictures taken after this one where I’m curled up in the corner of the bathroom on the ground cradling a can of Strongbow and grinning my head off. Story of my life.)


  1. awwwh love it bbz!
    is rosy explaining something to me or falling over?
    & i never noticed the hand dryer either.


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