Sunday, February 14, 2010

V Day D Day.

I’m very happy. Very, very happy. Also very hungover and snotty-nosed, but mostly happy.

I spent a long time choosing pictures for this post. I want them to say the right thing. I don’t know if they do. I want to tell you that, yeah, it’s V Day and it’s lovey dovey and that, but it’s not just that kind of love. I love my friends. More than anything and everything else in the whole wide world. And I didn’t have time to make them cards this year (which, y’know, kills me), but they’re who I focus my love on, always. I have amazing friends. They’re all so perfect. Like, all of them. The ones I see on a daily basis and the ones I rarely get to see. The ones I miss ‘cause they’ve gone to coláiste or are busy living their own lives in some other corner of the republic. I love them all.

Yesterday was amazing. Perfect in every single way. I want to tell you all about it but my words would not do it justice. It was lovely. And I’m happy and excited and happy. If you must know: fish cakes, whiiiiizz, cider aplenty, nice photos (some of which I might post later), etc. And Serge Gainsbourg is beginning to grow on me. Which is not a good sign.

I honest to God love my life. (:

now some days, they last longer than others
but this day by the lake went too fast.

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  1. awh, I feel lovely on the inside after reading this.
    And the pictures are beautiful.


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