Thursday, February 25, 2010

More Mocks.

So it’s Thursday. Thursday evening. Finally. A long holiday seems in order though I only have three proper subjects done. Thank God English, Irish and Maths are out of the way. They pretty much broke my heart. And my back. Maths 2 was a bit dodgy today – finicky kinds of questions. Took an awful long time and an awful lot of attempts to remember how to do linear programming. But I did in the end! (: English 2 was a bit… meh. Like, it wasn’t a disaster but it wasn’t exactly pleasant either. Art and German tomorrow. Which is a bit of a pain, ‘cause I can’t exactly wing those. Well, I can, but I really shouldn’t. I will look over Irish art and European art. I will.

So, yeah, tomorrow’s Friday? I’ll be studying. No, I actually mean it. I need to be able to understand Chemistry by Monday morning. Please. And maybe I’ll write a History essay, though I doubt it. Think I might beg Mummy Dearest to purchase me some tinnage so that I can fall into some sort of dreamless sleep. That would be quite nice. (Dreamt about J last night. He had an afro.)

So, erm, in other news, I went for a walk last night (we’re talking, like, in the dark?) and was completely and utterly dizzy with fear. What. A. Sap.

Also, am ridiculously excited for Skins tonight, even though really, I won’t get to watch it ‘til tomorrow. But whatevs. Cannot wait. (:

That’s about the extent of it now, I think… x

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