Friday, February 12, 2010

Make Awkward Sexual Advances, Not War.

Rilo Kiley are an amazing band that you should listen to. Listen to ‘The Angels Hung Around’. 

You were stuck in the badlands
Acting like a bad, bad man
I’ve been photographed and painted up
And I’ve been in love only once

And I feared the best and loved the worst
And insisted that I go first
And watched your eyes as they poured
And I never really loved you more

And I never thought I'd see you
As I did today.

There’s a poor quality version of it here, if you’re interested.

In other news, the Pre-Orals were today. Possibly the longest day of my life. After much faffing around with times and schedules, I had German at quarter past two and Irish at half two.

German was a stuttery, sombre affair, with me sitting in wet-eyed silence trying to spew out coherent sentences about cows. I was promised old people and Ruhestorung but ended up with cows, of all things. The only picture sequence of which I haven’t an iota of information. The general conversation was just as bad, searching for words other than ‘sehr gut’ und ‘spannend’. I think I managed to say ‘in order to relax’ properly though. Which is something. The only real positive out of the whole thing was getting the ideal roleplay. The only one I know well. The one I can say in my sleep. Guten Morgen. Haben Sie gut geschlafen? Full marks on that, apparently. Easy come, easy go, wha’?

Irish was surprisingly nice. Sliocht a hAon. Den chéad scoth. (: Me and Ms Healy had a nice chat about Paramore, the Gaelteacht and how I was in Yankland when I was younger. And what I’d do if I was the principal. I’d risk a half day every Wednesday and I’d let the students park in the carr chlós. She asked me why they weren’t allowed now. I was all, ‘Níl siad covered by the insurance…’ FML. Some howl though, all the same.

Home now and in my jammies, which is the story of my life. It’s nice though. I’m so glad today is done. I had a cup of tea. It wasn’t amazing but it was the first I’d had in about a week, which is bizarre. And very unlike me.

I have a headache that would knock a horse but that’s okay and I’ll tell you why: I’m going to have din dins soon and watch last night’s Skins (that reminds me: totally talked about Skins in my Irish oral.) on the computer, risk SVP, read New Moon in beddy bye byes and the end.

And tomorrow will be lovely.

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