Monday, February 15, 2010

haven’t you heard?

Hello, is it me yaar lookin’ faar? Absolutely adore RHJ.

Pretty much just had the most amazing weekend. Ya know the kind where you don’t get to sit still once? I love that kind of weekend. I had that and it was perfect. Like, words-cannot-describe kind of perfect. I’m happier than I’ve been in a while. I was happy anyway but this is a lovely, wonderful and exciting bonus. And, like, it’s so nice. Like, I-can’t-stop-smiling-whenever-I-think-about-it nice.

And last night was hilarious. And lovely. And I actually love my life so much.

I used to need alcohol to be able to talk to people and have the craic and what have you. I don’t anymore. I like that.

Serious malnutrition regarding sleep this weekend. Tough at the top, boi, wha’? Think I’ll have a shower and read New Moon and conk out for a bit.

Amy got me a rose for V Day and little buns with hearts on ‘em for all of us. I love her. :’)

I sort of have news that I wouldn’t necessarily consider news, or least something I should be broadcasting here. I expect you to be able to read between the lines though. Maybe it’s obvious that I’m smitten? Idk.


  1. i have that dress (:
    but i out the buttons to the back.

  2. i know the buttons are supposed to go to the back but, idk, i like 'em at the front. (:
    some dress though, innit? love the ribbon.. s'fair soft. x


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