Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Much Nicer Weekend.

Cease and Desist
Eiffel Tower [2]
Ha Ha
Hello Kidney

This was a much nicer weekend than last one’s and well deserved, if a lot less productive. I did all urgent homework, fair play to me, but that’s about the extent of it. But I’m indulging because I was in school every day last week and that is a huge deal for me. Ask anyone. My mother nearly wept with pride, God bless ‘er. I plan to be equally as committed this week, maybe even pass my Leaving Cert.

It’s Limerick. It has to be. You always read those wonderful quotes and stuff and you’re brainwashed into thinking that at the end of the day, it’s your life and you’re supposed to do what you want with it, regardless of other people’s opinions or objections. It has to be Limerick. I want Limerick. I don’t want to be some high-flying world famous journalist (only in my dreams, bbz), I just want to do a bit of writin’ and make a few bob. And I don’t care if all the ‘contacts’ are in Dublin, I’m going to Limerick and I’m going to work in a local paper or radio station and that would be perfect. Thank you.

So I had a nice little dress up thing with myself on Saturday, after a lengthy shower and that. So sick of having frizzy, curly and grown-out skunk hair and having no make-up on and wearing that dowdy old green jumper all week long and not wearing a skirt (like, a nice skirt) in about two weeks. Eww. Nevermind the workload, I think the lack of fashion in my life because of this Leaving Cert will kill me. But I felt nice Saturday and that was nice.

I was utterly restless though and hanging for a pint. But to no avail. A fiver used to go a long way. Not anymore. (Totes getting twisted at that gig though, if everything goes to plan. Bloody aggressive music though. Oh, hold me. It shall be an adventure.)

Aisling was over and that was lovely. I do adore my Aisling. And then she went off to enact vengeance on people who are foolish and the like.

Hazel came in and stayed over. S’great. Watched Finding Nemo and, I’m not jokin’, the laughin’! Watched The Hangover as well. Again. But shur didn’t I only conk out and leave poor Hazzle ina haonar. Some larf though. I love my Hazzle. :’)

Hmm. I think that’s about the extent of what’s going on at present. In bed now getting ready to watch American Pie. Yessss. Love being clean and in a clean bed of a Sunday night. I reckon tonight should be a good sleep.

Credit’s gone. Damn poverty means I won’t have it again any time soon. Srsly need a job. If ya hear of anythin’, give us a shout, yeah?

Yeah, I don’t really do smiling, tbqh. More often than not, it’s ducklips and the like.

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