Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Woe.

Single worst Friday afternoon of my life. Sniff. Almost cried. Didn’t. Still haven’t. Had dinner and a KitKat and looked at nice pictures and felt a bit cheated by the whole idea of talent, that if I have any, it’s/ they’re the same as everyone else’s. Bothers me.

History project not done. History homework not done. On the receiving end of one of the most disturbing teacher-student dirty looks ever given. German not learned. Luckily went uninterrogated. German folder found in pieces on the floor of the cloakroom. That’s when I really almost started crying. English: painful, sleep-inducing kind of boredom. Everything else before lunch? Equally disconcerting and infuriatingly dull and unfulfilling. Double Art is stupid and I can’t draw and what the flip is texture anyway? Chemistry is fast becoming a miserable little bitch of an agonising school subject. Double Maths, dull as a dull thing. Linear Programming could jump off a bridge and I swear I wouldn’t miss it. Not a bit. And, finally, Irish with the lovely Ms Healy? Do not ask. Irrrrrrksome.

So much homework to complete (or, at the very least, consider) over the weekend. Between that English essay, Art essay, History project, contextualisation question, paragraph on Terry O’Neill, Irish poetry and oral questions and trying to teach myself something about esterification, I have a fun-filled few days ahead. Only giving details in lieu of sympathy, so if you’re offering, thanks. Much appreciated.

Ya know when you’re not sure what you want? Like, you’re not sure what would lift your dull mood? I have that. Maybe I’m just sleepy. I am sleepy. Too sleepy for an adventure. And probably too sleepy for SVP but I’ll go to avoid a stinking conscience later.

On second thoughts, seeing Aisling later will more than likely cheer me up. 

See all you lovely people? Have a good weekend. I’ll update on mine as the need/ compulsion/ obsession arises. TTFN. x
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  1. Ugh, sounds rough.
    It'll get better eventually :/

  2. oh terence o'neill.
    hate that man.

  3. looks like someones in 6th year! i feel your pain... my mocks are 2 weeks from tomorrow i spend more time blogging than studying!
    fuck it... its not til june that we really have to worry!
    love your blog


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