Saturday, December 05, 2009

This is Me Being Happy.

Can’t wait to go shopping and for it to be Christmas and to have those hilarious sleepovers with wine and Rice Krispy buns and to take pictures and for that stupid Leaving Cert to be over so I can run away to Yankland for a while and then head off to UL (or somewhere – I don’t know) and be a grown up and forget about all the silly people.

I will miss the boys in Sixth Year at the moment. They’re all so lovely. (:

I will also miss the dynamic between me and my friends. It’s so perfect.

In a most sentimental mood right now. Ha.

Off to bathe and do something productive. Rush job on the art painting, perhaps.

Everything is beautiful. The Smiths, tea, my friends, dreaming, sleep, X Factor, a can or two, conversations, dresses, nail varnish, stationery, mending feet. Everything. This is me being happy. Ha.

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