Monday, December 07, 2009

Remembering Things in a Nice Way.

I’m listening to Faith No More and remembering being in London and it’s lovely. Been thinking a lot about stuff like that lately. But in a nice way. In a way that acknowledges that all of that was lovely but it was a different epoch. It’s not as if my life isn’t nice now – it is. Of course it is. It’s just a bit different. That other time was lovely, but so is this time. And ya have to keep moving forward, don’t ya?

I sort of still miss things but I’m content to think of them in a nostalgic kind of way, rather than a way that makes me feel robbed of all those nice times. I don’t know. It was lovely but it’s not like lovely things like that will never happen again. I’m only eighteen. There’s plenty love and stuff left and probably of a higher quality. Ya just get used to someone. I liked our dynamic. But there’ll be other nice dynamics with other wonderful people. And I’m not as bad as we both made me out to be.

In any case, I much prefer being with my friends and looking out for #1 and that. I like not having arguments with anyone and my lunchtimes not being ruined because I’m being put on the long finger or whatever or feeling like poo because I don’t get a reply to a text I sent hours ago. Or people not answering their phone and me feeling like I’m in the wrong then, like. Whatevs. S’all good now and that is that.

Off to do something massively productive, like wash and do Art homework.

Nom nom, FNM. Laaav itttttt.

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  1. Hey now, be good.
    Art homework is very productive.


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