Sunday, December 13, 2009

Perfect Day.

I saw my debs dress in red. I was like, ‘Bit cheap lookin’, innit?’

Yesterday was the most perfect day I’ve had in a long, long, long time. Between all the beautiful dresses I bought, and the gay turtles, and the sweaty palms, and dancing to no music, and the five hour long phone conversation, it will take quite a lot to top that Saturday. Licking your eyes and sperm nappies and various other hilarious and bizarre topics of conversation. Catch me, I’m falling, innit? Ha. (:

I promise there’ll be a proper blog soon, when I actually get a chance to dwell on my life. Though I’m not sure I really want that to happen. I like all of this right now and I’m happy and content to just go with it, without scrutinising and blogging. Needless to say though, if I have something important to tell you, I shall broadcast it here. (;

This is so exciting. In a proper, real way. I’m excited. It’s an adventure and I love it. Noodles on toast and seeing the sights, yeah? Ughh, hold me.


End of the Universe
I Want the Air to Fill my Chest
I Will Dare
I'm Looking at You
Let's Go Anywhere
Tragedy in Their Blood
Noisy and Colourful
Nothing Really Matress
Play to Your Heart's Desire
The Best Kind of Love


  1. Hey I came across this a while back and have been reading ever since .... where do you get the pictures from?! their great!


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