Friday, December 18, 2009

Further Updates from the Bundle of Misery that is Emma Norris.

I am currently somewhat snotty-nosed and sitting wrapped up in my bed, blogging and listening to a shuffled array of music (MGMT, right at this moment in time). I am so glad it’s Friday. I don’t like thinking on Fridays and even writing this post is really pushing my already fragile brain into overdrive and it is very likely to crash. Should that happen, you’ll find me horizontal in bed, comatose, while the voice of Stephen Fry (or someone of equal hilarity) musing gently on the television.

Today in school was actually something of an okay day. Double Art was still painful, but numbed slightly by my blatant hilarity and political way of wooing Ms Walsh if the need arises. And I finished my painting Wednesday night and was able to hand it up proudly (having dawdled for the first twenty minutes of the class by ever so neatly – and slowly – writing my explanation and reasoning on the back). I also deduced that I cannot draw motorbikes, but it was an awful coincidence having found that motorbike magazine on the top of the pile in the first place we looked. That pretty much made my day, the way it all just fitted together so nicely. Highly unproductive class but it made me happy. And I have about a month to come up with a final proposal for lino printing design which is excellent, considering I will leave it ‘til the night before anyway.

We had some sort of interaction with soap in Chemistry, and double Maths proved crucial in fixing something. Something that, if it was permanently broken, would have sent me to tears. The prospect of Best Girl Month-Long Drunk Times in Foreign Lands makes me very excited. I love Basil. <3

English was amusing, I avoided demonstrating my complete laziness in both History and German and today was a good day.

Other than complete lack of communication with members of my entourage, I’m in an excellent mood. And that lack of communication isn’t really a bad thing. I’m exhausted after these past few days. I haven’t had an early night in about a week and I’m looking forward to tonight’s one, hopefully distraction free.

If I was any good, I’d be tidying my room and hoovering now or something, but I’m not any good and, in any case, I’ve been neglecting this blog of late. I don’t know if anyone has noticed or has been heartbroken or anything, but I like to think that some people do actually enjoy reading my waffling nonsense (which, bizarrely, is becoming more and more optimistic with every post). Anyway, I’ve decided that I should relax. Or something. Sleepytime and telly soon.

Tomorrow will be nice. Getting my hair fixed at half nine (what is with Cleo and her 9.30 am schedule? It bothers me). Yeah, we realised that my hair wasn’t actually grand, as I posted yesterday (or whenever, I don’t remember) – it’s actually hideous. Well, no, not hideous. But yellow. Hmm. She’s going to risk fine little brown bits in it to tone it down but we are all highly concerned about how effective that will actually be. And by ‘we’, I mean me and my sister. We worry about these things, her a lot more vocally than me.

Anyway, hairdresser’s at half nine, then home for a shower and wash my hair and dry it because hairdressers do not understand my fringe. Fact. Anyway, then that nice (yet endearingly casual) purple dress and (fine weather permitting) grey boots. Then collecting SB from the bus stop and engaging in hilarious adventures around town, including eating noodles and graphing the slopes of, well, various slopes around Carrick. Should be interesting.

Afterwards, Toy Mass and homework and finding something to fill the void left where X Factor once was. I will sincerely miss seeing Olly Murs every Saturday and Sunday night. :(

Awh, damn, History project as well… Crap.

Anyway, that’s all for now, I think.

PS. Here is the very gorgeous Hazel, with Jammy Dodger eyes. I love her. My favourite photo at the moment:


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