Thursday, November 05, 2009


Sixth Year is exhausting. I dread to think how it would feel if I was actually doing any work. Ughh. Relationships are becoming taut and are being pulled in all sorts of directions and I don’t know if they’re going to hold all that well this year. And I really am sorry.

I love new friends who feel like old friends.

I loved that woman from Coolgreany House who phoned me earlier. She restored my faith somewhat in the competence of the HSE in dealing with mental health issues. What a good girl.

Some conversations are just not worth having but I always force them. It’s almost funny how I never change in these situations. I still push the same awkward small-talk, hoping to reap some sort of joy from it. But I never, ever do. I don’t know what to do instead though. I am not cool. I am not aloof. I am not, y’know, modern.
Oh please don't, please don't speak
You'll kill the mystique
Oh baby let's not, let's not dance
We'll ruin our chances
Oh, in between the drinks
I can't help but think that
Even as we speak
We kill the mystique.

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  1. talks are meant to be helpful, although some always ruin the-already-too-bad atomosphere

    i talk a lot too, by the way ;P

    P.S.: i like your blog, and the theme's really cute :)


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