Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Social Networking.

I’ve been on these various bandwagons since I was fifteen and every now and again they irritate me beyond belief. Such a waste of time.
I’ve deleted MySpace, Facebook and Twitter from my life. No need for ‘social interviews’ or ‘friend requests’ or being followed/ being stalked. Or stalking others, for that matter.
The blog will be the next to go, probably.
Bebo soon. The only reason there’s a delay on that one is because I’m sure there are a few photos I have yet to plunder from my ‘friends’ first, and copy from my profile as well.
I shall be only available through the medium of actual speech. Hopefully. Texting anyway. But since I never have credit, this will prove an inefficient method of communication, I'm sure.
This narcissism isn’t very healthy, is it?
Would it be a bit extreme to uninstall MSN from my laptop as well? I think this is the biggest culprit in my rage at technology. MSN is an intrusion in my life. People get so annoyed when you don’t reply within two minutes. It might not seem like it, but I do actually have a life and other things to do besides engage in silly small talk with my fellow robots. I know that I am a hypocrite for appearing online on MSN and then complaining when people talk to me. But still. I don’t know…
Yeah, I’m uninstalling MSN and begging mummy dearest to buy me credit. Ughh.
Should the blog go too? Probably. Hmm.


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