Sunday, November 08, 2009

QuikLunch. QuikBlog.

Sometimes a ‘beauty regime’ has to be reduced to Vaseline, Sudocreme and lots of water. This is hard to admit. But easy polish a diamond and all that. Also, shiny clean teeth and new jammies. QI XL and blogging. My life is good.

Getting a camera for Christmas, hopefully. This makes me happy. I don’t have nearly enough photos of my friends.

I love my friends. If you only knew the half of it. Amy and I have our disagreements. I think this is because we both have such strong and stubborn personalities: sometimes we clash. But I know (and she has proven, countless times) that if I need her, she is there. Today Amy ran up her darling family’s phonebill to remind me about the power of emails and about how some people are cunts, simply put. I love her so much. :’)

Needless to say, JG, AH and KO’D are equally amazing and I have also found an open and lovely ear in the Tipp traitor, TC. People really are so good. Gahh, in such a sentimental mood now…

X Factor results tonight. I actually felt like crying when Lucie got sent home. Against Jedward, of all people. Simon Cowell is an evil man. He could have easily sent the twins home. He knew full well that they would have gotten more votes off the public purely because they’re a novelty act and a joke and a farce (and a sad excuse for human beings)… I hate X Factor now, I really do.

Umm. That’s about it for now, I think.

Oh, also, considering UL now for next year. Surprised? No? I don’t care. I know I’m predictable and obvious and shallow (or something), but fuck it. S’my life, innit? S’now or never.

Must stop saying ‘innit’.

‘Byee. x

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