Sunday, November 22, 2009

Opinions on Things or Something.

I am so glad that Jedward have been booted off X Factor. If Olly ended up going home, there would have been absolute war. Angry emails or something. I want Olly to win. Please. Yes yes. Thank you. (:
I love Des Bishop. I think he is possibly my favourite comedian and sort of because he reminds me of my brother. ‘He was cute and I don’t mean cuddly’.
It was nice while it lasted.
Moisturised ears. My life is a farce.
I love KOD. If I was at death’s door with all my limbs gone, the girl would still have me laughing. Oh funsies.
Gimme a hug ta fuck. What I wouldn’t give for a cuddle now. Story of my life.
I’m thinking heartfelt text message but I don’t know. Probs just make things worse. And aren’t we volatile enough as it is without me providing a spark?
Jesus, I’m bet. Bed. Yes.

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