Monday, November 09, 2009

Somewhat Cheerful Emma.

More Sudocreme and Vaseline and water and Stewart Lee and new jammies and bed and a somewhat productive evening (in fact, the most productive I’ve had in a while) and a nap and feeling a lot more relaxed than I have in quite a while.

Tension is a terrible thing. I am glad it has dissipated. I’m beginning to like my life. And I like the idea of it being my life and mine alone and stuff. It’s sort of exciting. I feel good. I feel really good. Even about school. Wow.

Chemistry trip tomorrow. I actually hate Chemistry this year. History test tomorrow. I did not study. At all. I don’t even have the sheet I’m supposed to be memorising. Fuck it. Also, changed my mind completely about my special topic. Meaning that I’m probably in for a bollocking tomorrow, especially since I passed Ms Doherty in the hall today and smiled obliviously when I really should have pulled her aside and gone, ‘Listen…’ Darn it. She’ll hit me. No, she won’t. I’m lying. But still. I do feel a bit guilty. But not so guilty that I’m inclined to do anything about it this hour of the night.

I wrote a complete Irish story tonight without pausing to complain. This is a major feat. I rarely do Irish homework and never on time. This is a breakthrough in my academic life. Hoorah and stuff…

I’m in one of those ‘I love everything’ moods. I am made all the more giddy by Russell Howard presenting Live at the Apollo. Love it.

Crap blog post, innit? Still though, happiness is priceless.

‘A bacon sandwich is bread giving a dead pig a cuddle’.

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  1. 1 nod of approval in the general direction of the bacon sandwich comment.

    Also, I randomly heard the song "The Magic Position" today. Amazing.


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