Sunday, November 08, 2009

Innit that it could be worse?

I’ll live. I’ve survived so far. One more minor bump. Life goes on. Plenty more fish in the sea, etc.

There are a thousand and one things I wish I could say here but I won’t. I wouldn’t do it to you or me.

Here’s to starting afresh, independence and looking after #1. Etc.

Innit that the story of my life is that I’m a little bitch but I mean well?

Relationships are weird. And terrifying. And not always in the good way. Rarely in the good way, in fact.

Distractions and relaxations. Yes, please.

No alcohol. No, thank you.

Christopher’s 21st birthday party soon though. Drama and cocktail sausages. Should be interesting.

I love my new coat and my new boots and things could be a lot worse.

Everything will fall right into place.

Homework and dinner and shower and a nice film. Yes yes. That’s a plan. (:

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