Sunday, November 29, 2009

All is Right with the World, Somehow.

I didn’t want to do another hangover post, but I did want to blog and since I’m practically fully recovered, I don’t think this counts. So here you go. A post. Are you excited? I’m excited. Comment, you sexy bitches. Even if it’s just to tell me what a loser I am. Innit that I love the attention?

Woke up this morning still drunk. Weird sensation. This has never happened before. Don’t remember how I got home or got into bed. This has happened before. Woke up with my pyjama top over my going out clothes, and two skirts on. I don’t know what I was thinking but it was probably that primal instinct to make sure you’re warm. Strange choice of attire though.

At seven this morning I ate a packet of Taytos (horrible, I know, but ya need carbohydrates) while watching something on GOLD. I feel asleep for a few hours (a rarity, so I was thrilled) and when I woke up ‘Last of the Summer Wine’ was on. Hmm. It was rather amusing. I made a sausage sandwich but I let them burn and they weren’t exactly easy on the tummy. While lying on the couch covered in paper-thin blankets, I watched last night’s X Factor.

If Olly doesn’t win, I will have to kill someone. Factoid. I love him. Him singing the Take That song was just beautiful. Perfect. What I wouldn’t give to have Olly Murs sing to me. For serial. What a man. I don’t get what people see in Joe. He can sing, like. He sang ‘Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word’ lovely, like. But he’s so effeminate. I don’t know. It freaks me out. He’s also very short. And he seems a lot older than he actually is. Stacey’s lovely too but, I dunno, she’s getting a bit stale. I love her, like, but it’s all starting to sound a bit samey. Danyl’s grand. I don’t really have any beef with him. I don’t particularly like his voice but, meh, I’ll let him live. Why did Lloyd get sent home? He’s too beautiful. Breaks my heart. But he took it well, in fairness to him. Such a cutie. What a piece of meat.

Speaking of meat, we had fancy barbeque ribs for dinner. It was quite fancy. We’re not normally that exotic. We’re pretty much beans, peas, Donegal Catch, oven chips, rashers, sausages, roast chicken and spuds kind of people. I wish we weren’t – I love different food – but my mother’s not very adventurous and while I have great ideas for dinnertime, I can never seem to execute them. Pretty redundant in the kitchen. I’ll be living on beans on toast this time next year. Or noodles on toast. Or spaghetti on toast.

Watched the Toy Show again today. I adore Ryan Tubridy. Reminiscent of the great Gay Byrne shur. What a man. Ryan is just lovely. I love how enthusiastic he was. And funny. And honest. What. A. Man.
I’ve, like, no homework done. I have Maths and Chemistry in the bag but that’s it. God, I hate Sundays. And hangovers. Unproductive combination. But, I dunno, it’s more the principle of doing homework on a Sunday. It kills me. Day of rest, me hole. Oh well. Could be worse!

Yeah, so, I’m a nasty little bitch of a drunk at times. And oh so spasticated. Lately, I’m either angry or sad when I’m drunk. I’d love to know what my beef is. No more alcól, please. I know I’ve said this countless times but I do mean it now. I always always always have one sip of Bulmers too many and then it’s all over. Story of my life. No more of that. Tea, please. And conversations. Fair staying in next weekend to watch X Factor and wake up Sunday not dying. Sounds like bliss? ‘Cause it is.

If anything wants to happen vis-á-vis the Other Thing, let it. I haven’t the energy (or the interest, to be honest) to try to influence it either way. Things only happen ‘cause they’re supposed to and I’m beginning to think that whatever happens, I could well end up happy anyway. I want to be that person. That happy person that you see and think, ‘They’re so happy just being themselves, doing their own thing’. Is that even possible? Shur we’ll give it ago. At times, I kind of like Emma Norris. I’d rather be completely insane in the membrane and honest and laughing than be one of those people who try to hide the madness. And I don’t know why that is exactly. I dunno, I think it’s just better to be yourself. Obviously. Myself is a bit nutty but I think my honesty sort of makes it okay. Maybe. I don’t know. I don’t want to be too generous here. But I think you get me. I hope you do.

Also, what is my problem with leaving my coat on the whole time? I look like a spa. It’s a lovely coat but it’s not really for indoor use, Emma. So give over.

So no homework and spots curing nicely (hopefully). I’m listening to the ‘New Moon’ soundtrack and I actually fair want to see the film. Oh, lovely vampires, please let me on your bandwagon. Please? Off to watch Sunday night hilarity telly and maybe drink some tea. The sheets are clean and so am I and all is right with the world.

I like how honest you are. I like that we’re both honest.

I think that’s all for now. You kids mind yourselves, mmmkay? x
So tell me when you hear my heart stop,
You’re the only who knows
Tell me when you hear my silence
There’s a possibility
I wouldn’t know
I love songs that remind you of people because they showed you the song and it was beautiful. The moment was beautiful and the song was beautiful and everything was just lovely.
Lauren, Drohan & I [2]Lauren, Drohan & ILauren, Drohan & I. Cusack’s. I love Lauren. (:

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  1. I <3ed Tubridy on the Toy Show too - so good! I loved his nervous excitement at the beginning, which dissipated slightly as the show went on into just regular excitement :)

    Did you know that the studio producer was like "erm, you're 36.. and you're acting like a 6 year old!"?


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