Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Sixth Year currently. Bit of a pain. Eighteen and legal and incompetent. I like books and tea and nice things. I'm a bit bizarre in the brain but it sort of suits me. I like to think I'm funny at times. Maybe I'm not. I have a very male sense of humour.  I like life at times. It's alright, like. I've got amazing friends, the kind you'd swallow yourself laughing at. My life is pretty good but I get down days. Mostly this blog ends up chronicling those. So enjoy, yeah? Nah, things are getting better. I'm very honest. Like, brutally honest. Shock horror kind of honest. Well, no, that's wrong. But I am a very open person. And this is a pretty personal blog, I suppose. I like to write and I hear through the vine that some people like to read what I like to write. So, like, this is it, innit. Filled with ramblings and rants and teary, passive-aggressive speeches and pretty pictures and maybe occassionally a bit of optimism. Nom nom.

As an aside... I like being eighteen. I feel like it’s my year. Ya know the way ya have a niche that is your place in the world? I want that. I used to have it before, when I was fourteen or fifteen, but then lots of things happened and changed and I grew up (or grew taller) and I didn’t have that niche anymore. And I want it back. It’s nice to know where you’re going in life, or at least where you are now. And I only have vague notions. But lots of things have happened/ changed in the last few months and my confidence/ insanity has been increasing at a rapid rate and I feel like I’m well on my way to finding that niche. A brand new niche. Fully furnished for the adult and mature and clever and hilarious (and modest) Emma Norris. I love being eighteen.

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  1. Oooh, I like the new theme thing! It's lovely! :)

    I pretty much do not like everything on your list of things you don't like, except sarcasm. Everybody loves a bit'a sarcasm. ;)


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