Thursday, October 22, 2009

Roll on Midterm, Please…

Got CAO forms today. That can’t be healthy, can it? It’s baffling that thirteen years (plus the guts of another one to go) lead you to this point: filling out a form. Just so you can resume the whole education thing. Weird. Weird weird. Anyway, I’m not so sure about UCAS anymore. I have a vocational interview in the morning. I’m apathetic but I do get to miss Chemistry so, you know, that’s a positive. I’m pretty much set on Journalism in DCU now but I’m liable to change my mind arís is arís. Ughh. Oh well. First day of February, you say? Could be worse. Some people are sweating already but I’m convinced things’ll work out one way or another. Though that doesn’t stop me worrying about hands-down failing my Leaving Cert. Which will happen. FACT.

Speaking of Chemistry, anyway: Henry’s going to help me over the midterm. He’s some man for the explaining, I’ll tell you that much. And he listens to me (or appears to be listening to me) while I mutter the principles of organic chemistry wildly to myself. (Something like that; I’m not completely delusional.) I don’t remember the last time I did Chemistry homework, apart from writing up that experiment. That reminds me, must get a lend of Henry’s experiment copy off him so I can plunder his reports.

I like how my painting for art is turning out, if anyone’s interested to know. It’s very pink and yellow and primary school (crepe paper, etc.). Ooh, that test on Impressionism last week… Fair got A2. Happy out. (:
My spots are clearing up nicely. TMI? Or not enough?

Oh, roll on the weekend, please. This has been the longest week of my life. Probably. The longest week so far this school year anyway. And I still have another day to go. Ughh. Half day really, I suppose. Which is just as well. No History test for me. By rights, I should be ashamed of myself. But I can’t be. Because I’m much too concerned with blondeness and yellow nails and the prospects of a pleasant weekend. Yup.

Trying to think of more news…

Debs! As I am on le Debs Committee (and am therefore very fancy), I should announce that our Debs’ll prolly be in Dungarvan. As Dungarvan is the cheapest. Yay for poverty! I do hear good things about the hotel though… Can’t wait. Also have to find some way of getting myself invited to the Mon Debs. Suggestions? Who’s an easy target then?

Green Schools meeting today as well. I discovered two very important facts:

1. I shake hands with Third Years. God, I’m weird.
2. Second Years don’t appreciate being asked if they need any help drawing a picture of a bin.

Gingernut biscuits. I have developed a bizarre habit of sharing my biccies at lunchtime. With everyone. Is this too weird to be allowed? Sometimes I think I’m too weird to be allowed.

I’ve planned my midterm break in terms of studying and revising. I’ve been highlighted things. I am committed to the cause, etc.

Don’t think I have anything else to say. How unfortunate. Off to the land of nod. (I’m lying: I’m off to find hilarious telly to lull me to sleep.) I shall leave you with two pieces of, I dunno, art, I suppose…

Art the First:

I adore this song at the moment, thanks to Hazel’s fine influence. Cailín is fearr. Such a pretty song. (:

Art the Second:

Amy genuinely suggested that I put this on my blog. Because ‘ya know the way you put pictures with writing on yer blog?’ Seriously. I was like, go on then, for the howl… And this is dedicated to Amy.

Anyway, good night, ladies, good night, sweet ladies, good night, good night.

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