Monday, October 26, 2009

a nice weekend.

More of the same again soon, please.

Relationships are weird. Not just with boys, but with friends and family and people you hardly know as well. They’re weird and complex and very fragile. I’m much too overt (apparently) to treat them with any of their due care. If they succeed at all, it’s a pure fluke. But I am grateful for flukes.

This weekend was nice. It was comprised of cleanliness, X Factor, (Super) Splits and various other nice things like that. Completely unbloggable. But lovely.

Called ‘round to Kate’s house last night. Didn’t stop laughing once. I really do adore Kitty O’D. The girl really does make my day most days.

Currently, I should be adhering to my study plan but the weather is miserable and my mood is mirroring it. Ughh. I want company. Anyone?

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