Sunday, October 18, 2009

Illness etc.

A (hopefully) short and sweet blog post to pass time during my study break. I say ‘study break’ but really I mean ‘do-all-my-homework-in-as-little time-as-possible break’. So far I’ve written out (and hopefully subconsciously memorised) oodles of German vocab. I’ve also made out History notes on something to do with the Unionists (I don’t know), and attempted to write up a Chemistry experiment. The latter is half completed which is, you know, half the battle. Currently considering doing some Maths homework and writing my four (yes, four) Art essays. (Descriptions really, but ‘essays’ sounds so much more dangerous.)

Anyway, I had a lovely, quiet weekend. My Saturday was nice. Spent the entire day cleaning my room from top to bottom and then about forty minutes cleaning myself from top to bottom in the shower. Aisling came over and we watched X Factor. Anyone have any opinions? I adored Olly and his shiny, dancing crotch. Also, Lucie and Rikki are brilliant. And Stacey from Dagenham is just so adorable. She looked gorgeous last night and sang so beautifully. And her speaking voice doesn’t half crack me up… The twins also induced laughter, but only out of embarrassment on their behalf. Bloody make ya ashamed to be Irish.

Today I was very domestic. I peeled lots of vegetables and cleaned the kitchen. This makes me feel as though I am not entirely domestically redundant.

German grammar test tomorrow. This is distressing. If I were any good, I’d be learning my ‘der, die, das, die’ table of ‘the’ right now. But I’m not.

King Lear in the cinema on Wednesday. Hilarity ahead.

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